Water Heating Controls

Integrated solutions to control the flow and heating of water

Multi-channel Immersion heater timers

The MCT range provides a family of products that allow the individual control of a combination of 3kW and 4kW heaters in a single unit.

Immersion heater safety device

The LS product range monitors, controls and protects immersion heaters.

Water leak protection

The WS1 control unit is intended to help prevent major leaks in the home due to washing machine and hot water cylinder failures.

Space saving solutions

The OverFill (OF1) control device is intended for use in combination with a motorised valve and a simple float switch to prevent the overflow of heating and hot water systems.

Bespoke design service

The flexible design of our product range allows for OEM variants to be produced, to match your functional requirements. Customisation may include modifications to electronic circuits, software, enclosure design or branding to provide you with a unique system solution.